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Recent Katy Ice House BBQ Reviews

  Texas BBQ Posse

The consensus from our table of eight was two thumbs up all the way. The meats were cooked very well, with nice rub. The brisket was central Texas style, salt and pepper, and the ribs were cooked just right by my standards, very tender but not quite falling off the bone onto your plate. Posse member Phil Lamb likened the cole slaw to Salt Lick and the beans were very original, in a thick gravy.   (Read More)

  Crave DFW

The barbecue is patterned after Franklinís in the Hill Country. They actually purchased the various meats offered at Franklinís and tried to decipher how they might make the barbecue themselves. The result is genius.   (Read More)

  Dallas Morning News

Not to be too dramatic, but if Katy Trail Ice House can keep up this quality of BBQ on a consistent basis, Pecan Lodge and Lockhart Smokehouse will have some company atop the Dallas BBQ mountain.   (Read More)


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